24 Photos of Ecstatic Kristen Stewart for the 'Twilight' Actress's 24th Birthday

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Here's a reason to celebrate: Wednesday is actress Kristen Stewart's 24th birthday! The emo starlet is known for her work in the Twilight series, a shitty On the Road adaptation, and that angsty movie with Jesse Eisenberg. And today she turns another year older. According to E! News, the actress won't be attending Coachella this year, and is pretty upset about it. Instead, she'll be in New Orleans celebrating the big birthday. The actress has had an exceptionally busy year, working on five films, and was just named the face of Chanel. 

This year, Stewart will have Camp X-Ray, Anesthesia, and the Clouds of Sils Maria debut. And in 2015, her roster is exploding with features. Snow White and the Huntsman 2 is set to be released (a role she was originally not going to reprise, due to a certain director scandal), American Ultra, Equals, The Big Shoe, and Still Alice. To celebrate the actress turning another year older, here's 24 happy-go-lucky photos of Stewart for her 24th birthday. 

1. That time she hunched over in a white blazer

2. When she sported her "Get me the f*ck off his red carpet" face

3. That time she was like soooo over Daniel Radcliffe 

4. That time she was pissed she couldn't wear black combat boots under her gown

5. That time she realized how terrible her On the Road adaptation really was mid-photo op

6. That time she was on Late Night and didn't realize the hard wood floors would be so dang cold

7. That time she tried out a Bump-It and immediately regretted it

8. That time she tried to sm — Oh, wait, nope. 

9. That time she was too cool for R. Patz

10. That time she dressed up like a bird of prey when it wasn't Halloween. 

11. That time she was upset about having to stand between two extremely sexy men

12. That time she was mentally cursing her stylist for dressing her in yellow

13. That time she didn't understand the question

14. That time she gave zero f*cks

15. That time she had a deep thought

16. That time she wore floral

17. That time she threatened to punch Taylor Lautner in the face for winning a Teen Choice Award. 

18. That time she was trying to avoid spoilers at Comic-Con

19. That time she was passively agressively twinning with Rupert Sanders

20. That time she was nothin' but SASS

21. That time she was like "They told me side boob was in right now!"

22. That time ... this ... happened 

23. That time she was not havin' it

24. Happy birthday Kristen Stewart! May your photoshoots be filled with life, love and laughter!

And Many Mooooooore!

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