17 Plus-Size Swimsuits That'll Make You Want to Jump In the Waves

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Swim season can breed insecurities for anyone, and the fact that plus-size swimwear has always been so limited by frumpy-filled, body-hiding pieces hasn't helped us fuller-figured women feel any better about stripping down and hitting the seaside. The selection of bathing suits made in sizes 14 and up have either been so concealing that tanning is an impossible feat (resulting in hideous, uneven color lines in all the wrong places), or so boring, and quite frankly unattractive, that you wouldn't want to be seen in them anyway.

Last year, things got a bit better. Gabifresh launched an unapologetically lovely collection with Swimsuits for All, for one. And Monif C. did some wonders with cut-outs and slits. But 2014 is promising to be even more exciting. Whether you love the high-waisted pinup look, the classic one-piece or the daring low-rise bikini, brands are catering to diverse styles in a wider range of sizes than we've ever had. So hopefully this means we'll be shedding some layers and hitting the pool feeling more confident than ever before, too. Image:

Ashley Batz/Bustle

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