'Decoding Annie Parker' Trailer Starring Aaron Paul in a Wig Is Genuinely Heartwarming — VIDEO

Aaron Paul has been pretty busy since Breaking Bad, but he clearly misses the show. In Paul's latest movie, Decoding Annie Parker , he once again plays the deadbeat partner of someone with cancer…although the film’s protagonist, Annie Parker, isn't nearly as morally ambiguous as Walt.

Based on a true story, the film follows Parker through her battle with breast cancer that takes away most of her family: first her mother, then her older sister, until finally it comes for her. Annie’s story is intertwined with the research of Marie Claire-King (played by Helen Hunt), who’s trying to find a genetic link in families with breast cancer. Aaron Paul plays Parker’s husband Paul, a pool cleaner who marries her young and then leaves her after she goes through chemotherapy (not only does Paul wear three very obvious wigs in the trailer, but there’s also guyliner).

Soon after, Parker is diagnosed with cancer for the second time. With the help of a new doctor and her new friend Kim (played by Rashida Jones, who for some reason does not appear in the trailer), she fights it, and begins to search for the reason that her family suffered from breast cancer. King’s mapping of the BRCA1 gene gives long-awaited answers to both women.

The trailer may seem a little too touchy-feely (inspirational voiceover!), but it also seems genuinely funny. Plus, any movie that features Rashida Jones and Aaron Paul in punk-rock getup is definitely one to watch. Decoding Annie Parker arrives in theaters on May 2.

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Image: Entertainment One Films