How You Know You Went To An All-Girls School

by Meredith Lepore

Anyone who went to an all-girls school knows that their educational experience was very different from a co-ed school. There is simply a different dynamic when you subtract boys from the equation, add uniforms — and a ton of homework. There are some things that only we women who attended an all-girls schools can truly understand. Here are a few of them:

It still takes you an extra hour to get dressed every morning because until you were 17 you either wore a kilt ... or a kilt

YEs, you definitely dressed like Blair Waldorf at school

Or maybe you were more of a Jenny Humphrey

But in the end, it was definitely all about having a cool place to eat lunch.

You still get a little excited when a boy comes in the room

But you do get annoyed when that boy interrupts you what you were saying.

You really don't understand when anyone talks about high school pep rallys

You assume everyone who went to co-ed high school had a Dawson's Creek-like experience

And they assume that yours was like The Facts of Life.

A lot of your Saturday nights were spent like this

So you had a crush on your friend's dorky older brother because he was the only guy you knew

When you tell a guy you went to an all-girls school they automatically think...

And when you tell a girl they think...

But really, Mean Girls was more like a documentary of your high school life than it was a comedy.

A party with 10 girls and two dudes is perfectly normal to you

As is choreographing a dance at said party.

It was normal to be pretty intense about grades

If you were in any plays, you've definitely dressed up as a boy

And you've danced with girls in gym class.

You went a little crazy your first year of college

But then you calmed down and got back to the books.

You feel an immediate bond with anyone else who went to an all-girls school

And still have very intimate and wonderfully complex relationships with your friends from school

It's kinda like belonging to a really big, weird sorority that sometimes made you cry a lot, but ultimately helped you become the awesome person you are today.

Plus, now you have something in common with Kerry Washington, Candice Bergen, Katie Couric, Jackie Kennedy, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

You can totally tell Gwyneth went to one.

Yes, you and Olivia Pope are practically the same.

Image: The CW