New 'Mad Men' Season 7 Photos Will Make Don Draper & Peggy Olson Fans Really Happy

There are a number of relationships that have always been central to Mad Men: Those between husbands and wives, parents and children, clients and ad executives, ad executives and each other. One of the most frequently compelling, though, has always been that between Peggy Olson and Don Draper. So the fact that these pictures from Mad Men 's Season 7 premiere star the pair of them seems a mighty good sign.

The four promo photos also come along with an episode title for the Season 7 premiere, and a synopsis. The episode is titled "Time Zones," hinting at more of the bi-coastalness all those plane images have been pushing. And yes, the synopsis is as vague as you'd expect, but it's far past time to embrace the show's opaque promo style as an adorable quirk rather than an annoyance. They did, after all, put the word perplexing to good use:

Don makes a friend; Joan has drinks with a client; Roger receives a perplexing phone call; Peggy hears new work.

See? That tells us absolutely nothing, but we kind of love that.

The photos, for their part, don't really tell us anything other than "both Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm will be in this episode," but we'd like to think these shots are also pointing towards an episode pivoting around Don and Peggy — perhaps even a counterpoint to Season 5's "The Suitcase," widely considered one of the high-water marks of the series. "The Suitcase" showcased Don and Peggy very much at their most together; these pictures seem to point to them being very much apart.

Images: AMC