Kelly Rowland Collaborates with Pharrell on New Album Because She's No Dummy

Things continue to look up for Kelly Rowland! After splitting with her label, she nabbed a huge endorsement deal and now she's confirming Kelly Rowland will be working with Pharrell Williams on her upcoming album. Even though this won't be her first time working with the mega-producer, this collaboration still seems close to miraculous seeing as how Williams has his hands in everything from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, leading the Hot 100 charts, Oscar performances, and the release of his latest album G I R L, which features the song we don't want to get out of our heads anytime soon, "Happy."

No stranger to collaborations, Rowland's made music with everyone from David Guetta to Wiz Khalifa. Despite her lengthy list of collaborative efforts, there are still quite a few artists we'd love to see her work with on her new album. Since Rowland mentions that she'd love to work with new talent, it would be really refreshing to see her paired with a new young rapper like Iggy Azalea. Azalea and Rowland's sexiness combined on one track could potentially give us "Motivation" fever all over again, minus Lil Wayne of course.

Among other artists who could bring a revitalized, edgier sound to Rowland's new project would be The Electric Lady herself Janelle Monáe, whose energized antics would force Rowland to add some intensity to her sensual, sultry routine. And although he's no longer in the newbie category, I think it'd be cool if Rowland tapped Frank Ocean for one of his thought-provoking, albeit sometimes confusing songs. After all, it's worked for fellow songstresses Brandy and Beyonce and pretty much everyone else who nabbed an Ocean collaboration, except for Justin Bieber, who allegedly wanted no parts of an Ocean song.

It may be considered cliché, but I never get tired of a Nicki Minaj feature. Rowland reportedly worked with Minaj on songs for the re-release of her Talk a Good Game, but it'd be nice if we actually heard what the pair recorded. Minaj's tried-and-true feature apperances are known to inject an unparalleled energetic force into any song on which she's included.

Hopefully, whoever else joins Rowland on her upcoming album will help reassure her fans that this project will include her best musical offering yet.