First 'Girl Meets World' Trailer Proves You Can't Go Back to the Good Old Days — VIDEO

When Boys Meets World sequel/spin-off/follow-up series Girl Meets World was announced, a bunch of adults got more excited over a Disney Channel series than they had been in years. The '90s, you guys! They were so great, with their mom jeans and their floppy boy-hair! And they were coming back! But I have bad news for you: They're not coming back. Or, they are, but more in a way that your eight year old relatives will enjoy than in a way that'll likely grab the adult set. And the first Girl Meets World teaser is here to prove it.

It's not necessarily a bad thing that the Girl Meets World on display here — in which Cory and Topanga Matthews as the cool and supportive parents to a tween trying to sneak out — is not clamoring to hook all the adults who find themselves suckers for Matthews-based nostalgia. "How long do I have to live in my father's world?" Riley Matthews asks. "Until you make it yours," her dad responds.

And that's the thing: Much as we'd love for Girl Meets World to be everything we miss about Boy Meets World, that's not out world anymore — there's nothing that really could have said that more loudly than the fact that this show's on the Disney Channel.

Maybe this thing'll be good for a few swift but loving kicks in the nostalgia; we'll certainly be tuning into the pilot. But Riley's coming of age, just like Cory's, belongs to the generation who gets to grow up with her.

Image: Disney Channel