'I Origins' Might Be Brit Marling's Next Big Indie Hit After 'Another Earth' — VIDEO

Eternal Sunshine fan? Then have I got the movie for you! The trailer for I Origins was released on Thursday and it's got trippy realism, a couple with opposite world views, and eyes. Lots and lots of eyes. I Origins is directed by Mike Cahill and according to Fox Searchlight, it "takes place in the same realm of speculative fiction as his last movie, Another Earth." I Origins stars Michael Pitt, Brit Marling (star of Another Earth), Astrid Bergés-Frisbey, Steven Yeun, and Archie Panjabi.

The trailer starts with Pitt noticing elevens everywhere, so like anyone would, he follows them and is lead to a pair of eyes on a billboard. Somehow, and we don't see how this happens in the trailer, he meets and falls in love with the girl with the billboard eyes. He's a scientist, she's more of a hippie chick, and it causes lots of intellectual conversations. It get a little cheesy, but thankfully when Pitt's friend asks him, "Are you okay, man? They way you talk, it's like, poetic" things are brought back down to Earth. Yay for self-awareness!

Now I'll warn you, this is one of those trailers that gives away most of the movie. Half way through, there's a big turning point that I won't give away here, but it will make you say, "Ugh! Shouldn't that have been a surprise?" I will say, there are many more eyes, a white peacock, and a trip to India.

It's hard to tell from the trailer if the idea that "maybe the eye really is some kind of window to the soul" — as Marling, Pitt's lab partner, puts it — will be possible to pull off without being too literal or stale. It's also hard to tell from the reviews because the film received mixed ones after premiering at Sundance in January.

You'll have to decided for yourself when I Origins is released in select theaters on July 18.

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Image: Fox Searchlight