8 of the Best Siblings on TV and in Film

It's National Siblings Day and 2014 is certainly a good year for them, considering how many records Frozen has been breaking with its simple family love story. It's not like it's a newsflash that there are more love stories than just the one to tell between two people who are attracted to each other. With Sleepy Hollow and Elementary both featuring a male and female lead with no romantic interest in each other whatsoever (no matter how much we might wish otherwise) and Once Upon a Time leaning heavily on the idea of their female lead's heart only having room for her son, it's a good time to shine a spotlight on those familial relationships.

Luckily, TV and film have been stepping up to provide a broad range of sibling relationships to choose from. There's the dysfunctional and the co-dependent and even the incestuous. Here are just a few of our favorite sibling teams.

Anna and Elsa, Frozen

No list about siblings would be complete without the co-leads of Frozen. If you haven't been singing "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?" until your brother or sister is about ready to beat you over the head with something, then now is a good time to start before you get sick of that song.

Abby and Jenny Mills, Sleepy Hollow

Nothing says love like admitting that even though your sister lied about seeing a demon with you in the woods and almost permanently wrecked your relationship, you still got yourself locked up in a mental institute out of fear that the demon possessing you would make you hurt her.

Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel, Glee

Finn and Kurt were one of those pairs that didn't seem likely to ever really bond, considering Kurt spent most of the early seasons plotting various ways to get Finn to realize latent homosexual feelings. Once they cleared the air about that, however, their opposites-attract bond was a joy to watch.

Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals

Admittedly, the three of them spend a lot of time killing each other, wanting to kill each other, or dealing with the fact that one of them has just killed another one of them. But no matter how many centuries pass, they love each other fiercely. It's complicated, okay?

Katniss and Prim Everdeen, The Hunger Games

The entire plot of the movie was kicked off by Katniss and her undying love for her little sister. There was so much love there that Katniss even bonded with another one of her competitors in the games because Rue reminded her of Prim.

Maggie and Beth Greene, The Walking Dead

Yes, Maggie has Glenn. Yes, Beth has (had?) Daryl. But before that, both of them had each other. They may be half-sisters, but in a post-apocalyptic zombie world they have and would risk their lives for one another.

Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

You only need to watch one episode of Supernatural to get the picture that Sam and Dean have a bond that they would (and have) moved heaven and earth to keep intact. It may be unhealthily co-dependent, but it's working well for them. As well as anything ever works for them.

The Weasleys, Harry Potter

Pick any two Weasleys. Seriously, any two. The Weasleys were the siblings so nice that everyone wanted into that family. Harry married into it so he could have loads of siblings (and, okay, because he was in love with Ginny, so it was a win/win) and Hermione married into it to leave her only child status behind (and, okay, Ron).

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