What Only Redheads Understand

Sometimes, being a redhead can be pretty great. (For one thing, we're kind of really good-looking.) Other times, it's not so great. (Would it kill the makeup industry to make some products that work for us?) As a natural redhead, I know there are some things only we so-called carrot tops can truly understand. You know you're a ginger if...

You've come to terms with the fact that old ladies will touch your head without permission

Okay, you haven't.

You've heard everyone's stories about how jealous they are of their redheaded sister

Or cousin. Or aunt.

You constantly get compared to the one naturally redheaded celebrity in Hollywood. Because there only really seems to be one

Last year, at 22 years old, I was told I look like Julianne Moore.

You have sophisticated taste in sunscreen

Fair skin is par for the course.

You dread the day when your hair will start going pink. Not grey. Pink

You've long given up on explaining to people that the tops of carrots are actually green


Really, you're more of a carrot...carrot.

You have lots of feelings about that South Park episode

You know the one.

You have firsthand experience with the whole redheads-need-more-anesthetic thing

I've explained this to multiple doctors and dentists on multiple occasions, and they're still shocked that a petite girl like me needs twice as much as they expect.

You're very particular about what shades of pink you wear

It's your secret dream to go to that international redhead convention

Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's in the Netherlands. You will make it there one day.

You're constantly asked whether your hair color is real. even by your hairdresser.

You were devastated when you found out that Christina Hendricks dyes her hair

And Lucille Ball. And Emma Stone. It's a conspiracy.

Whenever you spot another redhead, you share a look of mutual understanding

Carpet. Curtains? Someone's getting smacked.

Ron was your favorite

OK, Hermione might've been your favorite, but you sure did relate to the funny ginger sidekick.

No, your hair color doesn't mean you have anger problems

You tried highlights once. It didn't go well.

You've always wondered why you aren't called an orangehead

And most of all, you're cool with being a little different. It's beautiful.

Alright Lucy, you earned our hair color.