Is 'Parenthood's Haddie the Most Neglected Character? See Where She Ranks on the List

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Something felt off in last night's episode of Parenthood , and it wasn't the fact that every Sarah-Amber-Hank scene felt like it was ripped right out of Stars Hollow, CT. No, Thursday's weirdness was all because of who was missing from the episode — specifically, the kids. Typically, a Parenthood episode features at least one scene of a screaming Sydney or an adorable Jabbar, but last night, both children were missing from action. Sure, there was Max, and that promise of Haddie (!) returning next week, but mostly, Thursday's Parenthood was all about the grownups.

That wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't felt like years since we'd last caught a glimpse of Jabbar or had more than two minutes with Victor. It's disappointing, because Parenthood's kids are an integral part of the show; just imagine how little we'd care about them now if we hadn't gotten as much time to watch Amber and Drew grow up each episode, for instance. Yet it looks like the series is now choosing to ignore most of the kids, along with a few once-important adults. These characters are being relegated them to a line per episode or a face in an iPhone photo, and it's frustrating to watch.

Unfortunately, Parenthood has a history of forgetting about certain characters. Remember that time Haddie went off to college, never to return? She's on the list of the seven people Parenthood neglects the most — read on to see who else makes the cut.

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