Drake's Undercover Appearance on 'Kimmel' Won't Make Rihanna Happy — VIDEO

Everyone has a celebrity that they just don't like. Fame and social media can fool us into thinking that we know someone well enough to make a judgment on them as people rather than as artists or performers and very rarely do we give them the opportunity to defend themselves. We want to say whatever we want about these people that we don't know and we don't want to say it to their faces. Unless, of course, we don't know it's them. In his appearance on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Drake donned a wig, beard, and glasses to interview people on the street about what they really think of him to hilarious result.

Kimmel is no stranger to letting celebrities get a chance to interact with their haters. His "Mean Tweets" segment featured Pharrell, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez getting a chance to read and respond to those titular mean tweets. Drake's appearance in the "I Witness News" skit was funny not just because of Drake pleasantly agreeing with anyone who had a negative opinion of him or making up rumors about himself to see how people responded to them, but also because Drake's disguise was about as transparent as Clark Kent's and he still needed to peel off the beard and remove the glasses for anyone to recognize him.

When he began telling people that he was Drake, none of them believed him. The best part of the skit came when he asked one man what he should say to himself if he was Drake and the man responded with, "I'm a total idiot." That seemed to be the last straw for the rapper, who looked at the camera, shook his head, and said, "I am a total idiot to be standing out here on this street in this beard and this wig when I know good at well that I'm Drake and I could be at home with multiple women bathing in champagne, but instead I'm interviewing you."

The completely deadpan look on his face as he said it and realized that the man still hadn't recognized him was priceless. Although he was just joking, it wouldn't be the first time he hinted at having other women on his mind in a lighthearted way. It makes sense that he wouldn't let the mean comments of a few people on the street get him down, however. He could be at home bathing in champagne. The multiple women thing probably won't fly with Rihanna.

Watch the skit below.

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Image: ABC