'Mad Men's Jon Hamm Reveals What Makes Him Cry & Don Draper Would Be So Proud

It's possible that Jon Hamm has made you cry before — those Cadillac ads are quite moving! — but now you can imagine crying with Jon Hamm because he's revealed what moves him to tears. Hamm has created plenty of commercials as Mad Men's Don Draper, but there is a certain real life ad that gets the water works going. In a recent red carpet interview with VH1 Jon Hamm said Budweiser ads make him cry and I am right there with him. A dog and a horse become friends! It's very emotional!

Hamm starts answering by saying "there’s probably like a million" ads that get him teary and then talks about his childhood in a way that could easily be written into the show as part of a very emotional Don Draper moment. "I really liked watching commercials more than I liked watching TV. And I watched a lot of TV." And then someone handed me a Hershey bar and I always knew...

Okay, that last part didn't really happen, I'm just giving into every Mad Men fan's dream that Jon Hamm is Don Draper minus all the horrible stuff like cheating and alcoholism and being a psychopath.

Hamm then called out the Budweiser ad in particular saying, "The one that always gets me, and they do it every Super Bowl, is whenever Budweiser does an ad that has either Clydesdale or dogs in it. I'm done."

Need a refresher?


Are you in tears? Do you need to hear more Jon Hamm's thoughts to make you feel more comfortable? He continued, "A baby horse and then a dog and they're friends and they grow up. Forget about it. I'm a puddle."

Aw! Thanks Jon Hamm for looking and sounding like Don Draper but having normal human emotions and not being terrible!