Beyonce Can Do No Wrong...Or Can She?

For the most part, we all love to love Queen Bey. She's fierce, talented, supportive of empowering women and generally just fabulous. But has Beyoncé finally messed up? That's what the Internet seems to be asking after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram where there's a rather large gap between her thighs.

Ah, the thigh gap. So much controversy around such a bizarre phenomenon. If you've been on the Internet any time in the last year, you may have noticed the bizarre fascination that has developed with the space between a person's thighs. It's become a strange (and pretty unnatural) goal for a lot of young women — another unattainable ideal to work toward. But is a woman as successful and outwardly body confident as Beyoncé willing to go as far as editing her personal photo to achieve that same goal? Well, you can judge for yourself.

The photo, taken on a trip to the Dominican Republic, shows Beyoncé golfing — in a bikini. Obviously. She's squatting, with her legs slightly parted (as one does when golfing...) and there is a very noticeable gap between her thighs.

The photo, which has almost 5,000 comments now, has alarmed fans who assume the pic has been Photoshopped, calling into question Beyoncé's views on empowering women.

To be fair, the gap is particularly noticeable, and not something we've really observed on Queen Bey before. But I think Beyoncé's position in the photo — feet slightly parted, leaning over, knees bent — is a more logical explanation that the Photoshopping theory.

Plus, this is Beyoncé we're talking about. She's a world-famous superstar with about a billion collaborations, side projects, and side gigs (apart from, you know, selling out arenas). Not to mention, she's a mother to a toddler. Do we really honestly think she has time to be Photoshopping personal photos? Or even asking someone else to do it for her? Doubtful.

Photoshopped or not, at the end of the day, Beyoncé is just as human as you or I (even if she seems infinitely more fabulous sometimes), and altering photos — even if slightly — is something that a lot of us have felt pressure to do. I know I have. Even on the off chance that the photo is edited in a specific way, people make mistakes. Even Beyoncé.

Image: Beyonce/Instagram