'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Spoilers & Release Date Will Get You Pumped For The MTV Series' Return

The third season of MTV's sensation Teen Wolf just ended a few weeks ago and while you're probably still reeling from that epic finale, we're obviously already ready for more. In the past few weeks, executive producer Jeff Davis has opened up about what we can expect to see when Teen Wolf Season 4 starts on June 23. And, according to Davis, Season 4 is going to be a Teen Wolf we've never seen before, so get ready, people.

We left off last season saying a devastating goodbye to the show's female lead Allison when actress Crystal Reed asked to be written off the show. But fear not, Teen Wolf fans, because there are new female characters to watch in the show's upcoming fourth season and the show's going to throw in a heavy dose of girl power. Davis' biggest assertion was that we're in for a major shake-up in Season 4 is going to set it apart from the show's past three seasons. And it's going to start right away in the season's premiere episode by taking some of our favorite characters out of Beacon Hills for a little while.

So what's on the slate for Season 4 of MTV's wildly popular supernatural drama Teen Wolf? We've got a handful of spoilers straight from the top of the food chain to tide you over until June.

It's All About The Ladies

Losing Allison was tragic, but we're going to see Lydia, Kira, and Malia get a lot more well-deserved screen time in Season 4. After wondering whether or not Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia, would return for the show's fourth season, the actress' involvement was finally confirmed a few months ago. So now the stage is set for the female cast to get some seriously good treatment next season.

Davis told E! that one of his favorite things about the new season is this trio's growing relationship. He said, in regards to the young women's involvement in Season 4, "We have this trio of girls who are becoming a very powerful part of the show, which is just awesome." And the best part about all of this, which brings us to our next spoiler, is that these girls aren't going to be fighting over boys. Hell yeah.

There's Romance Ahead

Davis revealed that he's really not a fan of love triangles — thank goodness for that because we've already got a few too many of those on TV right now. Instead, the series will be focusing on the slowly-budding romance between Kira and Scott. It will really take some time since Scott just lost his first love Allison and he's going to need some time to deal with those emotions before he opens up to someone else. The writers' room apparently loves the impending relationship between Kira and Scott and they're excited to explore the pair's feelings and how they navigate through Scott's tough emotional situation.

And of course, Malia and Stiles will have their moment as well. Davis told E! that while we WON'T be seeing any love triangles involving these two and Lydia, we will be seeing "some growing feelings between Malia and Stiles." Again, as long as no love triangles are involved — we're all good with this.

Last but not least on the romance front, Derek Hale will not be hooking up with the recently resurrected Kate. So don't even go there.

A Change Of Location & Tough Times To Come

Davis revealed that for the first time, Teen Wolf will venture outside of Beacon Hills — the first episode of Season 4 will take place in Mexico. But that's about as far as he went on details, we don't know why yet but it's a pretty exciting switch up — considering Davis went so far as to compare it to Raiders of the Lost Ark . The show exec further explained that this episode is going to set the ball rolling in a different direction for the group and introduce new challenges.

Including Scott trying to help Derek through some supernatural and very human issues. Davis told Zap2it, "What happens in Season 4 is very human problems start to arise. He's faced a lot of supernatural problems but now he's going to have some very difficult human ones." These problems are coming out of real-life issues, he explained, and with them will come new villains and Scott trying to redefine his pact.

Teen Wolf Season 4 will premiere on June 23, 2014.

Image: MTV