'Gone Girl' Teaser Trailer Gives Us Our First Glimpse at the Suspenseful Film -- VIDEO

Your first look at Nick and Amy Dunne is here. In a trailer for the Gone Girl trailer (yes, really, we're doing that now) we finally get to see some scenes of Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in their roles from Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel. The clip teases a trailer to be seen on Entertainment Tonight on Monday, but gives us a pretty good look in itself, so it's not a complete waste of a teaser for a teaser.

In the 19-second clip, we get a glimpse of the suspense Gone Girl is so known for, as well as a look at the method of alternating between past and present. We see both Nick Dunne announce his wife's disappearance and also one of the couple's intense fights before Amy goes missing. Entertainment Tonight's voice over in the clip says that this film could possibly be responsible for Ben Affleck's next Oscar win.

Even though we've only seen these short 19 seconds, we can get on board with that as we watch Affleck display a range of emotions from despair to violence. He ends the clip saying, "I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer” while the shot shows Pike's character presumably drowning.

They packed a lot into 19 seconds, and this is only the beginning. With Monday's official first look we'll get to delve deeper into this world that Flynn created as we anxiously await the film's release in October. Maybe that trailer will drop some hints about the alternate ending Flynn penned for the script. See the teaser clip here:


Image: 20th Century Fox