Is This the Worst 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Ever? -- VIDEO

Poor, Julian. He just can’t get it right. On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune , one contestant definitely had a horrible day when he kept getting so close to the final answer… before ultimately failing every time. For instance: Julian had the chance to win one million dollars, a car, and two different trips, but he continuously guessed the letters correctly to his puzzles, but was unable to solve them in the end.

The contestant pretty much set up his competitor, a student from Texas A&M, to solve all of his answers and earn herself those big $$$. For his potential million dollar win, Julian had the complete answer on the board, which read, “Mythological Hero Achilles." Like, literally, EVERY LETTER WAS UP THERE. When Julian solved, he responded with “Mythological Hero A-Chill-Is.”

Look, I get it (but I don’t actually because he’s in college). There may be a slight chance you haven’t exactly brushed up on your Greek mythology but seriously… Achilles? The Trojan War? Freakin’ Brad Pitt in Troy?! Oh my God, Julian.

However, it really couldn’t have gotten worse when he only had seven missing letters and decided to guess “On The Spot Dice Spin” rather than “On The Spot Decision,” and leaving it up to his opponent. Yo, I don’t know what games you’ve been playing, but I’ve never heard of an on the spot dice spin. Ahhh, Julian. It’s okay buddy. Maybe next time.

Those Indiana Hoosiers can’t be too proud of you right now.

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Image: Wheel Of Fortune