Benedict Cumberbatch Won't Be in 'Star Was Episode VII', Denies More Roles & Makes Us Cry

At this point it seems like half of Hollywood' been rumored for the new Star Wars movie. One of the longest-running rumors, though, has been one benevolent geek prince Benedict Cumberbatch. But bad (or good? Hard to tell) news for his fans: Cumberbatch didn't get that Star Was Episode VII part.

Though the rumors were undoubtedly fed by the fact that Cumberbatch worked with director J.J. Abrams on the latter's last space voyage, apparently it ain't gonna happen. This revelation comes from the former's Q&A at Oz Comic-Con, alongside an assertion that he'll never be part of the Doctor Who universe, either. C'mon, Cumberbatch, haven't you hurt the fanpeople enough today?

The Star Wars thing doesn't seem to be his choice, though, so we might wanna cut him some slack on that one. As he said in his Q&A (which was livetweeted by The Iris). "I would’ve liked a part in J.J.’s new Star Wars but it won’t happen sadly."

No one seems to actually know what's really up with Episode VII — some reports indicate that they're already filming, possibly without a script and definitely without any casting announcement, which is either a feat of J.J. Abrams' trademark secrecy blossoming to the next level, or real dumb.

Either way, Cumberbatch's face will be missed, if only because it seems he wanted that part.

Now if only they'd tell us who got it instead.