6 Ways to Choose the Perfect Mini Skirt

by Rika Nurrohmah

"Mary, Mary, quite Quantrarythanks for making the mini skirt so revolutionary." Ok, that's not really how the popular nursery rhyme goes, but why not have a fashion nursery rhyme dedicated to Mary Quant — the woman behind the edgy sartorial statement that liberated legs at the peak of the youthquake movement?

Since the mod era, the mini skirt has shifted fits, shapes, fabrics, and cuts, but one thing's for sure: it will never be out of style. And contrary to what some people may believe, there are no restrictions on who can wear the mini skirt. It's about finding the one that looks just right on you. If you're struggling to find the perfect one, we've teamed up with New York-based personal shopper Samantha Brown to save the day with a convenient guide.

Triangle Silhouette? Get The Skater Skirt

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If you have voluptuous bust or broad shoulders, a great way balance those features out is to go for a skirt with some volume. What does Brown advise? Get the flare by investing in a skater skirt. “The skater skirt is a great way to get an hourglass silhouette.” Go ahead and play around wih a high waist or one that sits on the hips. Working with patterns and textures such as embellishments or multi-fabric layering helps create additional volume. This ASOS Stripe Skater Skirt has a button-pleat front and horizontal stripe pattern that will help add a little curve to your waist.

Pear Shapes Pair Perfectly With A-Line Minis

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For pear shapes, go for a loose skirt with a waistline that hits just at the hip. “An a-line skirt is going to be the most flattering, since it will fall from the hip,” says Brown. The stylist loves working with darker colors for the a-line style, like this BCBGMAXAZIRA Lucy A-Line skirt, to help smooth out the bottom and thighs.

Smooth Out A Tummy With A High-Waist Mini

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If you have a bit of tummy, a high-waist skirt with a simple, flat front is a great way to smooth it out. Brown advises avoiding skirts with pleating, pockets, or extra detail in the mid-region, as those elements can add bulge. “Make sure not to go too short, as you need to balance width by adding a little length,” adds Brown. If you're extra curvy, a high waist on an A-line shape that ends above the knee will look fantastic against your waist and thighs. Hitting just before the knees with a flat front, this Stephen Schneider circle skirt is just the thing you need.

Hourglass? Hug It!

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Hourglass? A fitted mini is your best friend. “Highlight proportionate curves with a fitted mini that shows off your tiny waist,” says Brown. If you’re petite like Scarlett Johansson, a high-waist skirt will add height to your torso. For a skirt that moves with your curves, go for material that has stretch. Brown also loves ruching details on skirts, as it’s “great for showcasing curves.” Sculpt your shape with a fun asymmetrical hem with this Surface to Air Triad Skirt.

Add Volume to A Toned and Straight Silhouette

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If you have a toned, straight silhouette, go for a mini that helps add a little curve to your waist. Bodycon fits cling against your body and enhance your waist as you move; skater skirts that start either high on the waistline or just above the hip flare out for a flirty touch of volume at the waist. “Minis with pattern, bright colors, or pocket details all help enhance for the hourglass figure,” Brown adds. This Creatures of Comfort Reina Skirt is a perfect example, as it's equipped with button-seamed details, side pockets, and a flared hemline.

Petite? Elongate Your Legs With A Short Mini

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"Petite ladies can really work a mini skirt because the short hemline helps elongate the leg," says Brown. To make the legs look even longer, pair the skirt with a nude wedge or heel, or wear a pointy flat. Experiment with fitted minis and skater styles, but avoid super voluminous shapes, as this can overwhelm your petite proportions. Finding a mini tailored specifically for petite frames can be tricky, but Topshop has a range of great styles like this monochrome pelmet skirt that's cut with a shorter hemline than their regular selection.