Is This Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing At Coachella?

Wait, Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella? Be still my heart. A recent Instagram video of the Hollywood heartthrob has been circling the web, and it will either make you lose all faith in humanity or will make you love Leo even more. We aren't 100% sure it is indeed DiCaprio, but from the likes of his outfit (the same outfit he was seen in earlier in the day) and the back of his head, we're going to say it was him. We already know DiCaprio can dance as we saw in The Wolf of Wall Street, and you generally can’t dislike someone who has no shame in pulling out dance moves as ridiculous as the ones he shared at Coachella.

Though we’re unable to view DiCaprio’s face in this video, which will surely become the best video of all time, with the help of fans who were lucky enough to be in his presence, there’s little doubt he is the one flailing his arms around in the crowd. Maybe he’s just testing out his capoeira skills? Or he’s truly just letting loose.

However, not only is DiCaprio wearing that extremely recognizable flat cap (which my own father wears on occasion) in this video and these photos, but he’s also sporting the white shirt and baby blue shorts pictured in many of the images floating around Twitter.

Although we of course need confirmation from the celebrity himself, I really hope this isn’t some elaborate prank that someone has pulled off to freak out fangirls everywhere... because this is the greatest thing on earth. You're welcome in advance, and thank you to the wonderful woman who shot this for us.

Clue 1: Paparazzi will be paparazzi, but thankfully grabbed this photo for us. Enter the hat.

Clue 2: Here he is again with an outfit change. Note the white polo, shorts and of course, the hat. Really, this hat should become friends with Pharrell's hat.

Clue 3: Leo poses in his white polo and hat with a shirt wrapped around his face (because that really helped). Note that the man in the video is wearing the shirt around his face as well and is also dancing/flailing/punching the air with the same men in this photo.

Verdict: This is Leonardo DiCaprio and he is king.