'Game of Thrones' vs. MTV Movie Awards: Westeros Reacts To The Award Show

With Girls and Shameless gone we thought we FINALLY were over Sunday night scheduling conflicts! It appears we were quite wrong, though. Tonight the MTV Awards will premiere at 9/8c just in time to coincide with episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 4. The beauty of the DVR isn't lost to us, but when you consider that tonight is King Joffrey's royal wedding do you really want to mess with that? Hint: You don't. He have an inkling he's going to make Kate and William's wedding look like absolute rubbish.

Now, we can only infer on what the realm of Westeros would think of all those invited guests declining an offer to the royal wedding just to tune into some frivolous awards ceremony. After all, it's a great honor to be a guest of King Joffrey and to so rudely surpass the offer for something you deem better? Well, good luck to you. We know people get real touchy about wedding ceremonies in Westeros, just ask Catelyn and Robb Stark. Oh wait, YOU CAN'T. We just hope that if you do decide to tune into the MTV Awards that King Joffrey and soon-to-be Queen Margaery have mercy on your souls.

Here's how we think some Westeros residents would react to your shunning of the royal wedding:

Tyrion wishes he could miss it, too. He's drinking through it.

Cersei is going to smack some sense into you with your skewed priorities. She's been planning this wedding for MONTHS.

Khaleesi CAN'T EVEN.

MTV Movie Awards? Missandei doesn't know what an MTV or a movie is but it sure sounds stupid.

Renly applauds you from his beyond. He hopes that Jennifer girl of House Lawrence sweeps em' all. He thinks she's got spunk.

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