Grumpy Cat Wore Pharrell's Hat on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet, Makes Us "Happy"

MTV attempted to win over audiences at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night with a pen full of puppies dressed as superheroes on the red carpet. But, nice try MTV Movie Awards. You has been upstaged by the grumpiest of Internet LOLcats, Grumpy Cat. Because only Grumpy Cat had the wherewithal to dress in Pharrell's hat.

That's right — Grumpy Cat, the most talked-about cat since Lil Bub, showed up at the anticipated MTV event dressed up in the most-talked about outfit of the year, which Pharrell first premiered at the 2014 Grammys. Not, of course, that the feline celebrity was happy about it — during MTV's interview with the cat otherwise known as Tardar Sauce, he failed to crack a smile. (Unsurprisingly.)

Still, based on the lack of fashion risks otherwise taken on the red carpet, it's easy to hand Grumpy Cat the golden popcorn trophy for the biggest scene-stealer on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. In fact, based on MTV's ho-hum pre-show featuring Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey and Zendaya, it's easy to think we might just hand Grumpy Cat the award for biggest scene-stealer of the entire MTV Movie Awards.

Or, just maybe, we're just being unnecessarily grumpy.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Watch MTV's interview with Grumpy Cat below.