Was That The Son From 'Cougar Town' With Joan on 'Mad Men'? Get Ready to Have Your Mind Blown

It's no wonder our girl Joanie needed a splash of whiskey in her coke just ten minutes in to the season premiere of Mad Men . A marketing executive from Butler Footwear, Wayne Barnes, just dropped a huge bomb — their company is doing all of their advertising in-house, which means a lot of lost business. But before we can get to that, we need to tackle a certain matter of familiarity: This is not the first time we've seen this guy on television. The actor, Dan Byrd is none other than Travis Cobb, Jules Cobb's (Courtney Cox's) son on Cougar Town.

In the context of Mad Men, Joanie was taking a meeting for Ted, who, in the wake of Don's absence has been overwhelmed as the Head of Accounts. Excited to be given so much trust and responsibility with a client, Joan went into her dinner with Bares with her head held high. It was less than five minutes before she ended the brief exchange completely shocked and deflated.

If we know anything about Joan, it's that she refuses to accept defeat, so I sincerely doubt that hotel bar is the last place we'll be seeing Barnes.

Mad Men has a history of snagging televison's best character actors — Alison Brie from Community, Ben Feldman from Drop Dead Diva, and Linda Cardellini from Freaks and Geeks and New Girl — the series takes all of those familiar faces and places them in the cold heart that is AMC's finest drama. Sorry Jules, it looks like the sunny palm trees of Florida will have to take a backseat to the congrete jungle that is Mad Men.