9 Essential French Pastry Recipes Because We Are Not Afraid of Butter and Sugar

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We love croissants. And macarons. And those adorable little brioche buns that look like they’re wearing top knots. But when it comes to whipping them up ourselves? That’s a different story. After all, French pastry is like your glamorous, jet-setting friend: you meet at the bistro, over coffee. You dine on the patio with a copy of Le Monde in hand — but never do you invite it home.

This time, though, we will not be daunted. We will not let a buttery, flaky confection cower us into submission. So with a dough scraper in hand and a rolling pin in the other, we’ve gathered the essential pastries we’ll master together. The good news? It’s easier than you think. Roll up your sleeves and get to work — Julia Child’s got nothing on us.

Image: Bake Noir

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