Who Is Marky Mark Married To?

When Mark Wahlberg was presented the Old Timer's Award, oh no. That's not it. When Mark Wahlberg was presented MTV's Generation Award, the Entourage actor poked fun of his age (42-years-young), thanked his co-stars, plugged his reality show (Wahlburger!), talked about Boston being some sort of big deal city (awww, how cute), praised the lord, and gave a heartfelt shout out to his wife, Rhea Durham. Not sure who Rhea Durham is? Let's take a look.

The 35-year-old model has graced the cover of Vogue, Marie Claire, and American, as well as British Elle. Originally from Lakeland, Fla., Durham was in New York City when she met Wahlberg. He told People in 2010:

We met in New York City, while I was doing a press junket. I asked her if she wanted to come out with me, and she said yes. Then I asked her if she wanted to come to church with me the next morning, and she said yes again. So that was our first date: St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. I knew shortly after that she was the one, but I still had to make sure that I was able to be the man I needed to be.

The pair ended up dating for eight years before getting married in 2009. As for why they decided to tie the knot when they did, Wahlberg says:

We've been together for eight years and have four small children. We were like a married couple anyway-we just wanted to make it official. Nothing really changed.

They have two daughters, Ella and Grace, and two sons, Michael and Brendan. In a 2013 interview, Wahlberg credited Durham for teaching him how to be a man, and expressed that he plans on passing down those values to his boys.

...Now I have the utmost respect for women and teach my boys that. They shall not take the path that daddy took.

Sounds like Durham's an impressive woman and Wahlberg seems appropriately appreciative to have her in his life. Aww. Something tells me these two will last.

What "lasts" means in Hollywood has yet to be seen.