Josh Hutcherson Pays Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman at MTV Movie Awards: "This Goes Out to Him"

It was fitting that Paul Walker had an MTV Movie Award tribute at the 2014 ceremony. After all, The Fast and the Furious actor had been the recipient of a golden popcorn before, and had been nominated for two others. But there still seemed to be one glaring omission from the 2014 telecast. Because the MTV Movie Awards failed to pay tribute to one of the stars of its most celebrated films: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's Philip Seymour Hoffman.

That is, until the awards show's final moments, which saw Josh Hutcherson say a few words about Hoffman. Taking the podium to accept The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's MTV Movie Award for Movie of the Year, the Best Man winner told the audience:

I also want to say real quickly. I know that if Phillip were here, he would really think this is really cool. And to have him in our movies was one of the coolest things in the world. He's one of the actors I've looked up to my entire life. And we think about him every day on set. So wherever he is, this definitely goes out to him as well.

Now, it's unlikely that Oscar winner Hoffman, who died in February following a heroin and cocaine overdose, would necessarily attend a ceremony that honors shirtlessness, but it was a touching tribute all the same from Hutcherson. Perhaps we shouldn't snark on that Best Man win after all.