Meet Shannon Beador, the New 'Real Housewives of Orange Country' Star and Certified Crazy Person

Okay, so certified crazy person might be a bit harsh. New Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Shannon Beador is a California native and stay-at-home mom who just happens to care a lot about the health of her family. We've already covered Beador's strange cheese policy, but there is way more crazy where that came from.

Want to know just how much crazy? Of course you do. features a walk through her "non-toxic" home, which features "hospital grade air." The home is also equipped with an electromagnetic radiation meter, because that's apparently a thing a suburban family needs. But that's hardly all: The home also includes plenty of luxurious amenities alongside the clinical ones, including a tea party room, a basketball court, and giant walk-in closets, which, no doubt, fans of the Housewives franchise will be able to see via generous real estate porn shots. Beador's husband owns a building company, so it's no wonder they were able to health hack their house with their various add-ons.

That said, Beador's role on Real Housewives won't solely consist of show-and-tell. We'll likely be privy to plenty of toxic drama in the non-toxic Beador home. After all, her relationship with said husband is allegedly on the rocks. Perhaps all of that time building a germ-free house didn't help her build a trouble-free marriage. Could it be her rules involving organic-only food and fabric drove a wedge in their 13-year relationship? (If you ask this writer, a cheeseless marriage cannot stand.)

Beador is quick to defend her choices, however, stating she just wanted to build the "healthiest possible home" for her family. Trying to protect your kids from illness — totally not crazy at all. Now, if only someone could clue her in that exposure to germs is what builds up antibodies and helps you from getting sick.

Image: Rudy Martinez/Bravo