KFC Debuts Chicken Corsage, Because Drumsticks Belong Everywhere — Even on Your Prom Dress!

Finding the whole "corsage" idea vaguely pointless and outdated? Have no fear, the Kentucky food chain is here to make your prom experience so, so much better. Yes, KFC is debuting prom chicken corsages, and I'll be honest — I'm more intrigued than grossed out (and apparently, so are many other chicken-lovin' customers).

According to ABC News, Kentucky Fried Chicken has worked with florist Nanz & Kraft to create a small bouquet of baby-breath flowers topped with a drumstick, which you can give your date (or keep for yourself) for a cool $20. The price even includes a $5 KFC gift card so that you can choose which type of chicken to have — will you go for Original Recipe? Kentucky Grilled? Or Extra Crispy? Whatever best matches the dress, the site suggests.

Before you sink into chicken-filled daydreams, be warned: only 100 corsages are available, and a KFC spokesman told ABC News that already, 20 of their edible corsages have been ordered. Not surprising — what better way to get ready for a drunken night of dancing than to come prepared, with your fatty food literally around your wrist? One couple even put in a special request to have them at their wedding. “We’ll probably end up catering that one just so guests don’t end up eating the corsages,” said the spokesman.


Interested (as well you should be)? You can order one yourself here, and keep in mind these handy tips from StyleIte:

Seriously, though, wearable food? Count me in.

Image: KFC