5 Factors to Consider When Getting Bangs

Every year I go through a period in my life during which I consider bangs. I use bobby pins to see what they'd look like. I ask all my friends — I even loop in people I haven't spoken to an embarrassingly long time — to see if they think I should make the plunge. I spend hours Googling things like "Zooey Deschanel bangs" and "Nicole Richie hair." Oh, and once I wound up cutting my own bangs with nail scissors, but we don't speak of that.

It seems that most "should you or shouldn't you get bangs" advice has to do with the shape of your face, but does anyone actually know the shape of her face? Do I have a heart shaped face? A round face? I don't know, man. It's all so confusing. Below are five things to consider when getting bangs that matter far more.

1. Your lifestyle. Bangs are high-maintenance. There's no way around it. Committing to bangs is also committing to waking up earlier, and trying to constantly battle the weather (wind and humidity are the greatest enemy to bangs everywhere). Is that a thing you want to do? Personally, I'm not the type of lady who is willing to wake up an hour earlier just so her bangs will look good. Be honest with yourself about this one. Otherwise, you'll wind up throwing a headband over your bangs every day.

2. Not all bangs are considered equal. You want bangs? Well, what kind of bangs? There are so many to choose from! Blunt, heavy bangs (think Zooey Deschanel) work best on thick hair. Soft and feathered bangs are the best for fine hair. Also consider if you want straight across bangs or side-sweeping ones. Side bangs will be way more low-maintenance. Plus, they're easier to grow out, should you so choose to do that.

3. Your hair texture and hair "issues." I have curly hair and a cowlick. Basically, I'm the worst candidate ever for bangs. That doesn't mean they're are impossible, though. The best way to deal with a cowlick in bangs is to keep them long and thick. Those short, Bettie Page-esque bangs are a disaster for cowlicks. Be realistic about the texture of your hair, and get inspiration from celebrities who have a similar texture.

4. Do you really want bangs, or do you want the idea of bangs? Consider the below photograph of singer Jenny Lewis, lead singer of Rilo Kiley and professional badass.

Jenny Lewis is maybe the only person alive who could pull off high-waisted jeans, a purple crop top, and a printed scarf. Whenever I see this photo, I immediately want bangs. I mean, look at how cool they look on Jenny Lewis! Then I stop to think about it and realize that what I actually want is to be Jenny Lewis.

It sound silly, but do you want bangs because they look so good on Jess in New Girl, and, wow, girls with bangs always look so cool, or because you actually want bangs?

5. OK, but do you actually look good in bangs? Do you? Because I don't. That's something I always fail to remember in The Great Bang Debate. Bangs are not flattering on me! They just aren't! Like any fashion or beauty choice, you have to decide whether it's actually a good choice for you.

Of course, even if bangs aren't the most flattering choice on you, but you really, really, really want them, then go for it. Once you get something in your mind, it's hard to get it out. I mean, there's a reason I once did my own bangs with nail scissors. But, like I said, we won't speak of that.