Morsi's Family Accuses Army of Kidnapping

The family of the Egyptian ex-President Mohammed Morsi held a press conference in Cairo Monday to accuse the army of "kidnapping" the ousted leader.

Morsi's children claimed that they have not seen their father — who has been held at an undisclosed location, without charge — since the day Egypt's military removed Morsi and his government on July 3.

"I hold El-Sisi responsible for anything that happens to my father's health while he is in captivity," said his daughter Shaimaa, calling his detention "a criminal act against human rights."

She also stated that the family would be taking legal action against the Egyptian army.

"We are taking local and international legal measures against Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the leader of the bloody military coup, and his putschist group," the ex-leader's daughter told journalists at the conference.

The army has been under growing pressure to release the ousted President for some time now. Both EU leaders and the U.S. have called for Morsi to be freed from house arrest.

Meanwhile, Muslim Brotherhood supporters have continued to stage vigils outside the Adawiya mosque in Cairo over the last month, promising to stay there until the ex-President is released and reinstated.