When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

It's the type of annoying question ignorant folks ask gay people: How or when did you choose to be gay? Well, what if we were to turn the tables and asked heterosexual people the same question? Upworthy recently featured a video/social experiment in which an interviewer asked several straight people the same question: When did you choose to be straight? The results are pretty inspiring!

Advertising exec Travis Nuckols and Chris Baker of Buzzfeed are the brains behind the video. The pair interviewed a number of men and women on the street in a small town in Colorado. Nuckols and Baker asked everyone whether or not people choose to be gay — then they asked them when they personally chose to be straight. Although most of them have mixed opinions in regards to the first question, pretty much all of them agree that they were born straight.

So this easily could have taken an anti-gay turn, but everyone seems to have relatively open-minded opinions on the subject. In fact, at 2:40, you can actually see this women’s concept of homosexuality change in a matter of seconds.

Although the video was filmed in 2008, it's still relevant and thought provoking. Excellent find, UpWorthy!

Image: Fotolia