We Love 'Glee's Sam Evans: 7 Great Chord Overstreet Moments, Just Because

Okay, we love Sam Evans, mostly in part to the wildly talented and easy-on-the-eyes Glee star Chord Overstreet. And damn has he been having a moment lately — Sam got a haircut, booked a modeling job, and moved in with high school sweetheart Mercedes all in just two episodes of the Fox series since its NYC move. But Sam's not he only one having a moment — his real world alter ego, Overstreet, has officially gone solo with his YouTube channel and we couldn't be more in love with Glee's resident sweetheart.

What is it about the adorably misinformed "Trouty Mouth" that's had us so smitten for three seasons? In the real world, a guy like Sam would probably drive us nuts: he's just way too blissfully ignorant about life and we're all too jaded to cope with that kind of optimism. (Well, maybe that's just me.) But Overstreet's brought something to Sam from his first moments at McKinley that's made us love the character against our better judgment about the world. Glee fans love Sam Evans so much, in fact, that when Ryan Murphy wrote him off the show at the end of Season 2, they made such a big deal about it that Sam got rewritten into the series as a regular for Season 3. If there's any evidence that Chord Overstreet is something special, that's it.

So what is it about Sam Evans — who's also charmed Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Quinn, and Mercedes on Glee — that's got us loving every minute of screen time he gets? Here are five of Overstreet's best Glee moments that explains the Sam-nomena.

His First Performance

Can anyone ever forget Sam's rendition of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorne" in the McKinley boys' locker room? Much like Finn and Blaine's shower performances (Glee really loves having its male leads sing while getting blasted in the face with water), Sam's was a shining moment for Overstreet. Finn overhead him singing and convinced him to join the glee club and the rest is musical history. Nothing like a guy who loves an '80s power-ballad, right? And props to Sam for choosing a classic as his shower-singing material.

Taking A Punch For Kurt

Remember way back when David Karofsky used to beat up on Kurt because he was afraid to admit that he was gay too? In the Season 2 episode "Furt," Finn is having a hard time being a good friend to his soon-to-be stepbrother Kurt and being a part of the football team. And in one of Finn's least shining moments, he stands by while the other guys, newbie Sam included, take on Karofsky in defense of Kurt. After Karofsky knocks over Artie and Mike Chang during an altercation in the locker room, Sam jumps in and throws a punch for his new friend. He ends up with a black eye, but he still throws himself into the crossfire for someone he's just met and shows us what a great guy and friend he is.

When He Went Head-To-Head With Santana

Sam and Brittany started dating after Santana left for college, much to the disappointment and outcries of "Britana" fans. And they were shockingly good for one another, well, except for that part where they were convinced that the world was ending and that they should get married right away. (Not really a great moment.) But Sam really proved himself when Santana came home, expecting Brittany to be waiting for her, and Sam told her off — something that no New Direction member would ever succeed at doing. It was heartwarming that he was ready to face off against the Santana Lopez for Brittany (even if she and Santana are soul mates) and it made us love him even more because he was willing to go there.


Sam's had a handful of great performances, but his duet of Colbie Caillat's "Lucky" with Quinn was the most adorable of all. He played guitar, they were so in love, and they were so romantic and wonderful that even Rachel's competitive heart swelled and she voted for them in the group competition. The pair won the gift certificate to Breadsticks which ended up being their first date, when Quinn pocketed the certificate and told Sam that it could only be a real date if he paid for dinner. Personally, we think it was the guitar-playing that won her over — it sure worked for us.

The Impressions

TheDannikin on YouTube

Sure, everyone's got their quirks on Glee, but no one's are quite as welcome as comedic relief as Sam's endless bank of impressions. Like the above of Sean Connery — most of the time, no one gets it or they're really bad, but we can't fault same for having a unique hobby. And according to Mercedes' back-up singers, his Bill Cosby is actually not so bad.

His Magic Mike Moment

And no, we don't mean it's great because he had his shirt off. By this point, Overstreet and Sam Evans were probably so sick of people drooling over his impressive physique. Sam's Magic Mike moment made our list because it was as impressive and heartwarming as it was heart-wrenching to find out that Sam's father had lost his job and they were poor, so he'd found a job tastefully stripping. He was doing whatever he could to help take care of his younger siblings and that's a guy you want in your corner when your chips are down.

His Bieber Moment

I mean, first of all, the above quote happened — that alone is enough to make this a great moment for Sam., because no one thinks Bieber is rock and roll. But anyone who can seriously pull off performing Justin Bieber songs while rocking Justin Bieber hair and his former signature purple hoodie is someone we're happy exists. And Sam did it in the best, non-ironic way possible.

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