Tax Day 2014 Is Here! 9 Motivational Pop Culture Moments to Help You Hit the Midnight Deadline

Nobody likes Tax Day, not even Hollywood. With the exception of a few themed episodes of television (The Simpsons did it, but the best tax panic episode came courtesy of Roseanne), those not-so-sexy taxes don't make for the best entertainment. Heck, even Garry Marshall hasn't made an all-star ensemble lead by Katherine Heigl and Ryan Reynolds in a romantic comedy called Tax Day in which a group of attractive, interconnected strangers all rush to file their taxes on time... and find love. (That one's on us, Hollywood! You're welcome!) But, whether you like it or not, Tax Day 2014 is upon us.

While there's certainly ways to ease the pain (according to ABC News, there's freebies and discounts galore today) that comes with doing math on your own (or paying someone to do math for you), desperately trying to find a year's worth of deductions, and facing the possibility of not getting a refund, don't lose the willpower to hit that midnight deadline just yet. Hollywood may not have paid the proper due to the always-stressful Tax Day on purpose, but they've inadvertently given us some inspiration to get the job done on April 15.

Here are 9 pop culture moments that should get you motivated and turn Tax Day into an exciting, clock-racing thriller instead of a terrifying chore.

Take a Deep Breath

Panicking doesn't help anyone, not even a brainiac like Sheldon Cooper. Just breathe.

Okay, Now Run, Forrest, Run!

If Forrest Gump could move his running legs to get him away from school bullies and then across the entire country, you can certainly make it to the post office or tax center on time tonight.

Run, Lola, Run!

Wanna feel more like a badass going to mail or file those taxes online today? Run around like the butt-kicking red-haired heroine of the 1998 foreign film Run Lola Run. (Hopefully, you'll get one of the happy endings instead of those less-fun alternate futures Lola experienced.)

Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun, Ch-Ch-Ch, Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun

The Chariots of Fire score is inspirational 24/7, 365, but if this doesn't really get you moving on Tax Day, nothing will. Now hurry up, time is of the essence.

Pepe Silvia: Accountant

Are you certain there's more to your tax return than meets the eye? That there's a paper trail that will lead you to the final numbers you so desperately seek? Then go all out like Charlie did in the mailroom episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and make a manic conspiracy theory wall with all your tax paperwork. And don't even get us started on the mail.

Have Some Brain Food

Ron Swanson probably likes Tax Day least of all, but he knows the importance of not doing any task on an empty stomach.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If all else fails, call your accountant to help you out. Just know they might be very busy today, what with all the due taxes and ghostbusting that needs to be done.

Good Tax Hunting

Or, hey, maybe math is fun for you, and maybe you're really good at it. Maybe you're the Will Hunting of tax season and you can not only do your taxes with ease, but you can help others with seemingly impossible-to-solve tax problems. How do you like them apples?

Remember, You're One of the Good Guys

Sure, doing your taxes is, well, taxing. But it's better than the alternative of cheating on your taxes and finding yourself in a world of trouble. In other words, don't try and get slick and take any cues from Leo in Wolf of Wall Street today.

Image: Fotolia; giphy