Lena Dunham & Taylor Swift's Hang Out Session Probably Means Tay Tay's Coming to 'Girls'

So, it seems that Taylor Swift might be on Girls ?! Okay, so there's no hard evidence, just some photos courtesy of the always generous papparazzi of — ahem — Lena Dunham visiting Tay's apartment with what appears to be a script. We know that the two are friends, but would Lena really put Taylor on Girls? And if so, how?! Based on Tay's tour-de-force performance in Valentine's Day (sarcasm alert), there are only so many plausible possibilities for a potential spot on Girls: here are a few:

Taylor Swift, As Herself, In Concert

Shosh seems like a viable candidate for a T-Swift fan in the Girls circle. She very well may go to a concert to dust off the tears from Ray-Marnie-Gate 2014 (or just Ray in general. That scene in the finale, you guys . I can never look at peanut M&Ms the same way again!). Swift also may show up to perform at the University of Iowa, where we know Hannah is headed based on the show's announcement that they'd be filming in Iowa. It seems like a T-Swift concert is the most plausible option for a cameo for the country starlet, since her acting chops are, well, you saw Valentine's Day... or you didn't see it. Exactly my point, my friends.

Taylor Swift, As Herself, In Transit

Maybe Hannah sees Taylor at the airport en route to Iowa! Or she's in NYC on a subway! Or on a plane! She's proven that she's good at parodying herself (her ACM For Your Consideration was right on the mark), so she might even play a version of herself. Cats, ex-boyfriends, and all. Further, close celebrity encounters usually work the best on mass transit (see: Tina Fey and Oprah on 30 Rock ), since, hey, stars are just like us and have to get places sometimes.

Taylor Swift, As Herself, In Soo Jin's Art Gallery

It seems like something she'd do, right? I mean, you've seen her watercolor paintings...right?



Taylor Swift, As Herself, At The Iowa Writer's Workshop

For LYRICS! DUH. (Hopefully not.)

Taylor Swift, Not As Herself

Maybe she plays a character who hangs out with Shosh —or something — as we follow Shosh in her final semester at NYU because I'm not inclined to believe that she's a fellow Iowa student, although, you never know. And maybe with Dunham's scriptwriting chops, she could craft a role perfectly suited for Taylor. But fingers crossed for Shosh tears at a concert. That seems plausible.

Pass on over the peanut M&Ms, people.

Image: Instagram