A Weed 'Bud And Breakfast' Is Opening In Denver, Like You Didn't See That One Coming

Many rejoiced when marijuana was legalized in Colorado last year, allowing it to be sold in vending machines and shops across the state. But marijuana lovers have something else to be flying high about — the nation's first weed 'bud and breakfast' in Denver. We have a feeling it will be particularly difficult to book a room there once it opens in May, and it'll certainly establish a trendy new way to visit Colorado.

Adagio, a longstanding bed and breakfast with 6 rooms, is being transformed into "the first all-inclusive Bud and Breakfast." Victorian furniture is being kicked to the curb to make way for newly renovated and themed guest rooms, marijuana laced foods, and a third floor "humidor smoking room."

The MaryJane Group, a local hospitality company, signed a one-year lease with the Adiago. In a statement, MaryJane CEO Joel C. Schneider said guests can expect a "complete all-inclusive package where they can enjoy the marijuana lifestyle without having a care in the world." If this first venture goes well, the group plans to expand the 'bud and breakfast' concept to other properties in Denver.

New Director of Lodging Dawn Schiermeyer told ABC News that while the previous owner was "4/20 friendly," allowing guests to light up in the garden, she never advertised it. "So it’s been an easier transition for us because some people are already aware of it," Schiermeyer says, according to ABC News. "But we’re in the process of modernizing the space to make it appealing to a younger crowd."

Dawn says the bud and breakfast will include an in-house chef. While they will only begin with a breakfast menu, lunch and dinner options will eventually be added. Plus, beginning in May, Dawn says tours and sample packages will be added for marijuana dispensaries.

Adiago owner Helen Strader says she's happy to be working with The MaryJane Group on this latest venture. Somehow, we think a whole lot of other people are high about the news, too.