7 Ways to Take a Compliment

by Claire Luchette

Last weekend while hanging in New Zealand, Kate Middleton hushed a local who complimented her looks. Jane Falconer, who lives in the town the Duchess was visiting, presented the royal with "a posy of flowers" from her garden and also told the Duchess she was "absolutely stunning." (Jane, you sure know how to woo a lady!) In response, the humble Kate apparently said, "No, no."

As with cat-skinning, there is more than one way of replying to a compliment, and Kate's choice of dismissal is a classic option, perfect for those who have perfectly coifed everything. But, frankly, it's not how we do things. Let's take a gander at other ways of replying to flattery. The best way to illustrate it, as with all things, is in Broad City GIFs — Abby and Ilana are masters of social graces, and we can't get enough of the Broads. Dig in below:

1. Be polite and gracious like a true grown-up Broad.

2. Compliment the complimenter. Make it mutual.

3. To totally falsify the flattery, self-deprecate!

4. Or tell a little tale: a fun little detail!

5. Or be all, "Obviously!"

5. And then take it to heart and tell everyone.

6. And when you believe 'em, dance, dance, dance.

7. Keep in mind that if the flattery errs on excessive or creepy...

you can always roll out of there.

Did I mention how nice you look today?