8 Easter Goodies That Will Remind You of Great TV & Movies — From 'Star Wars' to 'Batman'

Ah Easter, a kid's dream and a parent or dentist's nightmare. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified has come to consist of baked hams, dyed hard-boiled eggs, and baskets filled with enough sugar to make Cookie Monster diabetic. As strange as some of the holiday traditions have become, there really is something about a Reese's in the shape of an egg that make them taste better. I'll leave it to science to figure out that mystery.

In any case, it's no surprise that dozens of television and film franchises have hopped on Easter for merchandising opportunities. Sadly stuffed bunnies and chocolate lambs are no longer enough to appease kids today (kids today, I tells ya!). From Disney to Marvel, Easter is becoming the pastel version of Christmas (Black jelly beans are the new coal). Hold on to your bonnets and behold the Hollywood takeover of Easter.

Image: Amazon

'Planes' Basket


Image: ToysRUs

'Batman' Headphones Gift Basket

Bruce Wayne would never celebrate Easter! If he did, it’d be the most depressing egg hunt ever.

“Bruce! Why are all of the eggs empty?”

“Because my parents were killed and everything is meaningless.”

Image: Walmart

"Boys Licensed Easter Basket"

Well the gendered marketing is enough to annoy you. But hey, a defunct cartoon totally makes sense for Easter.

Image: Target

'Transformers' MEGA BASKET

Paper bag covering Shia LaBeouf’s head not included.

Image: Amazon

'Avengers' Easter Eggs

Because nothing says “The Resurrection of Christ” quite like Hulk’s head filled with jelly beans.

Image: Amazon

'Star Wars' Easter Bunnies

Come to the dark (chocolate) side.

Image: Amazon

'The Hobbit' Pez Set

Seinfeld would certainly have something to say about this.

Image: Amazon

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' Eggs

Well at least turtles actually lay eggs…wait….are you EATING ninja turtle fetuses? AAAAGGGGHHH!

Image: Party City