Aretha Franklin Denies Patti LaBelle Diss, Plus 9 Other Divas in Duels

While playing the word association game with the terms fist fights and handcuffs, I doubt anyone would think of the names Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle, but recent reports claiming that Franklin threw shade and then fists at fellow singing legend Labelle had us believing otherwise — that is, until Franklin herself spoke up and dismissed the rumors with a laugh.

Beyoncé may have declared a diva as a "female version of a hustler," but the following nine celebrities prove that the words diva and woman are not synonymous. As high and mighty as we'd like to think they are, their ongoing feuds with fellow divas show that from time to time they will descend from their thrones to get down and dirty.

Elton John vs. Madonna

The feud between these two divas is much like their careers: it’s timeless and successfully reinvents itself every few years. Apparently John publicly expressed his extreme dislike for Madge’s 2002 Bond film song along with her tendency to lip-sync. However, long after the novelty of the back-and-forth between the pair wore off, John claimed last April that the beef is now squashed, putting an end to an era.

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Madonna vs. Lady Gaga

Uh yeah…so Madonna’s on this list twice. Apparently ending her feud with Sir Elton left her enough time to set her sights on Lady Gaga, who she has flat-out accused of song thievery, claiming that “Born This Way” was basically born as her own song “Express Yourself.” The feud flames intensified in 2012 when Gaga allegedly rebuffed Madonna’s attempt at an olive branch–an invitation to perform a live duet.

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Rihanna vs. Ciara

Money is the root of all evil, and Joan Rivers is the root of this diva stand-off. In 2011, Ciara appeared on an episode of Fashion Police and recalled Rihanna’s ice-cold demeanor during a party encounter. This one minor comment led to a huge Twitter bout that eventually ended with mutual apologies. But years later, the frost remains un-melted as the two divas butted heads again over what appeared to be a post of Rihanna and friends mocking Ciara.

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Drake vs. Chris Brown

Don’t let those overly emotional lyrics fool you. Drake’s participation in 2012’s lawsuit-inducing club brawl with Chris Brown was the result an epic diva duel gone wrong. Rumor has it that the guys both had eyes for the same woman: Rihanna. Since then, both parties have gone back to popping bottles instead of throwing them, and were even spotted together in the studio.

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Christina Aguilera vs. Kelly Osbourne

Obviously E!’s Fashion Police goes way further than the basic “who wore what” premise. It was the source of yet another uprising between divas when Kelly Osbourne referred to Aguilera as “the fat bitch she was born to be.”

Despite trading fat barbs over the years, Osbourne relinquished her grip on the former The Voice judge’s neck by offering up a seemingly sincere compliment during an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

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Tina Turner vs. Aretha Franklin

Now Aretha Franklin may have gotten out of this latest alleged scuffle with Patti Labelle, but she didn’t exactly come out unscathed when she went at it with the leggy legend Tina Turner. Franklin apparently took issue with Turner being introduced at the 2007 Grammys by Beyoncé as “the queen.” Turner’s response was the equivalent of “Relax Aretha, there are enough crowns to go around.”

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Denise Richards vs. Heather Locklear

For this diva battle, Denise Richards needs a volume of the proverbial Girl Code book thrown at her head, or at least a tattoo on her forehead reminding her to never date a friend’s ex. Richards hardly let the ink dry on Locklear’s 2006 divorce from Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora before she claimed him as her own, sparking a nasty war of words in the press before things finally settled between the former friends in 2012.

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Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie

The relationship of these former The Simple Life co-stars fell apart both on and offscreen, but without a definite reason to explain the demise. To the public, Richie and Hilton grew apart, with Richie opting to abandon the duo’s wild child, partying ways for a life of motherhood, marriage and fashion design. Even though they were recently photographed together, Richie’s careful choice of words in her Marie Claire story implies that the situation between the two still isn’t as simple as it used to be.

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Lilly Allen vs. Cheryl Cole

Sheezus singer Lily Allen engages in her fair share of feuds, but the continuation of her fallout with singer Cheryl Cole turned downright nasty. Allen accused Cole of relying a little too much on auto-tune and punctuated that insult by calling her a “stupid b-tch.” Yikes. Perhaps Allen should take a note from her own musical catalogue and try to “Smile” a little more.

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