Sharon Stone Joins 'American Ultra': Let Her Comedy Career Renaissance Begin!

In a role that was originally intended for Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone has joined the eclectic cast of the upcoming adventure comedy American Ultra . Stone will play Victoria Lasseter, an agent who has created a lethal and top-secret government program. The film centers around stoner-boy Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) and his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart) whose lives are in sudden turmoil when Mike's secret past as a deadly agent comes back with a vengeance. The cast also includes Tony Hale, Bill Pullman, and John Leguizamo. Let it be said: Something about Sharon Stone chasing down Jesse Eisenberg already sounds deeply satisfying.

Though Stone is best known for her dramatic roles (Casino, Basic Instinct), her latest films, including American Ultra, will showcase her comedic talents more than ever in her 40-year-long career. She co-stars in the latest Woody Allen comedy (oi vey) Fading Gigolo , which is set for limited release this coming weekend, and she's also part of the all-star female cast of the indie charmer Mothers Day. Alongside Christina Ricci, Andie MacDowell, Susan Sarandon, and Laura Dern (seriously, with this cast!), Stone takes part in a film that happens over Skype and WebChat and tells the story of ten pairs of mothers and daughters over one Mother's Day.

Stone also just completed filming the romantic What About Love with Andy Garcia (hubba hubba) and stars in a forthcoming TV movie about a rising politician who becomes the first female Vice-President. Action comedies, indies, romantic dramedies, and politicial television... it sure seems as though the multifaceted actress and humanitarian is undergoing a bit of a career Renaissance, and we're totally on board.