Elijah Finally Hit His Breaking Point With Klaus On 'The Originals' — 3 Times He Was A Total Badass In "The Big Easy"

The CW's hit new series The Originals finally returned on Tuesday night after a painful, month-long hiatus, and it reminded us of why we missed it so much. Because it's awesome and sometimes we see exactly what we want — like Elijah finally saying eff you to everyone and taking over the game. Elijah Mikaelson's moment really was a long time coming, but seeing the calm, cool, and collected brother with a love for pocket squares telling everyone that his morality gloves were off was epic. The games in New Orleans are just beginning.

Tuesday night's "The Big Uneasy" — like many big episodes on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals alike — featured a party because grand gestures of violence can only happen at large parties. The witches' Feast of the Blessings, which is supposed to be a really nice tourist event where humans and supernatural creatures offer up gifts to the witches in return for blessings, turned out exactly how we expected. Marcel staged a grand gesture that was a huge flip of the bird to Elijah's peace treaty and everyone started throwing knives into other people's backs. Leaving Elijah to essentially say, "If you don't want peace, I'm going to raise hell," and "Guess what Klaus, you can take your feelings and shove them." FINALLY.

We already knew that Elijah was a badass (remember when he brutally slaughtered all of coven's elders in one fell swoop?), but he's been hiding his abilities underneath his fancy suits and refined accent. Well, not anymore, bitches — there's a new King of New Orleans and he's taking a werewolf queen.

1. Ripping Out Thierry's Heart

See, Marcel, we told you there would be consequences to your childish tantrums. Klaus' former protegé staged a huge act of rebellion at the feast — he send a band of humans in, cut their wrists, and sent the attending vampires into a frenzy that led to a mass murder. No one was pleased, especially not with the proclamation of "There Will Be No Peace" written on the wall. But Elijah, who'd worked so hard to get his peace treaty endorsed had an answer for that: Kill Marcel's right-hand man.

In an epic moment we haven't seen since he slaughtered those horrendous elder witches, he stuck one hand in Marcel's chest and one in Thierry's and ripped Thierry's heart out while Marcel watched. AND THEN HE GAVE THE HEART TO MARCEL. Bravo, Elijah — no prisoners, no mercy.

2. Telling Klaus He's #OverIt

Usually, I hate seeing these two not getting along — but Klaus has been a shady, little brat lately and it was about time Elijah put him in his place. Naturally, when he ripped out Thierry's heart, Marcel — like the equally shady brat that he is — ratted out Klaus for having secret meetings with the werewolves. And the shit really hit the fan, because if there's anyone that shouldn't be stabbing people in the back, it's Klaus. But he's doing it anyway and Elijah doesn't have time for his bullshit.

After choking him out for a second or two and Klaus calling him out for being close to Hayley and helping her when she got knocked down at the Feast, Elijah more or less told Klaus that he'd be holding back out of courtesy. Obviously Elijah would take better care of Klaus' baby — mostly because he loves Hayley and actually cares about her. And now that Klaus betrayed him, he's done burying his feelings. Elijah's going after Hayley now and there's nothing Klaus can do about it.

3. Empowering Hayley

We love a man that loves his women powerful. Elijah turned up at the werewolf compound to persuade the werewolves to attend the Feast and bring an offering. At first, Hayley refused, but in the blink of an eye, Jackson — who'd been cursed for years by the same witches — decided that it would be the right thing to do. Elijah smelled a rat and told Hayley not to trust any of these people, which led to Hayley later choking out Klaus' new friend Cary.

Elijah might want Hayley back in the compound, but he's supporting her in taking over the werewolves — probably because they're going to be the royal couple of New Orleans one day. Hell yeah.

Images: The CW