The New Skincare Line Launched for Millennials (!)

This next bit of skincare news comes with a huge sigh of relief. With Shiseido’s latest launch comes the nixing of questions about whether you are slathering on the wrinkle cream too soon; this line is aimed at — and only at — Millennials.

Shiseido's new Ibuki line comes out in September, and you best believe I’ll be pre-ordering. All the measures I take to care for my skin seem to be preventative and protective, but all that will change with this line that mollifies our poor skin after lack of sleep, too much partying, and subpar eating habits have taken their toll — essentially, the problems plaguing us in this moment.

Key ingredients like yuzu seed extract, Shiseido’s PhytoResist Complex, and TMG all work to keep skin cells hydrated, prevent cell contraction, amp up skin’s opposition to harsh elements, and help cell production keep on keepin’ on.

The goods:

If you’re waiting to be convinced of Ibuki’s new and lofty claims, you’d do well to try out the Starter Kit which rings in at only $25 and provides a two week supply of three of the products: the Gentle Cleanser, Softening Concentrate, and Refining Moisturizer.

I tend to err on the side of youthful-forever, and pat on the anti-wrinkle creams and retinoids long before so much as a fine line makes an even finer appearance. I figure better safe than sorry. Anti-wrinkle creams from my late teens felt like a preventative measure, but there was no way to tell if it was working. Ibuki takes all the guessing out of it: This is what we’re supposed to be doing, and we’re supposed to be doing it now.

I’m usually willing to try out any and all skin care advances, but this is especially appealing. I’m definitely in.

Images: ivanko80/Fotolia, Courtesy of Shiseido