Here's The Season 4 'Louie' Trailer, But Be Warned: It's Pretty Dark — VIDEO

Are you a Louie fan? I certainly am — Louie C.K. is one of the funniest, and most brutally honest comics in the business. And while I love cringing when I watch his FX series, this trailer for Season 4 of Louie is really dark. Maybe, too dark. In fact, it deals with something that isn't even remotely close to satisfying: suicide.

Louie C.K. is never one to shy away from blatantly stating the unfortunate truth: He'll put the ugly right out there. At the end of last season, we saw Parker Posey stand on the edge of a building's roof, alluding to a potential jump. But using suicidal intonations on a public commercial — using anything that evokes something that could potentially be triggering for an audience — may be a line that even this bold and forthright comic should be wary of crossing.

While some of us may choose to disregard this evocative trailer and just think forwardly — maybe the season won't be so disconcertingly dark, just it's usual shade of dark gray — it may be difficult for some of us to separate the impending season, which premieres May 5, from this clip.

That said, we can look at the trailer as metaphoric in nature — he does jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, but he survives and goes on to swim. Might it be a metaphor for taking a risk and then plowing forward, as comics — and humans — must do? Risking it all for the sake of something? Is that where the season is headed?

Wherever the season is going, we do know this: it will be uncomfortably hilarious, but we're headed for some seriously dark shit.

You can watch the clip below: