Are Mila Kunis & James Franco Figures Of Liam Neeson's Imagination In 'Third Person'? — VIDEO

Given that the Liam Neeson-starring Third Person is written and directed by Crash's Paul Haggis, it's safe to say that it will feature a collage of characters, all living their lives in separate but intertwined segments. Given the new trailer for Third Person , though, one can also sense that it will potentially be a bit different from the structure of Crash — and might, in fact, be closer to something along the lines of Stranger Than Fiction.

The trailer is filled with a bunch of things: Olivia Wilde as Neeson's mistress/protegee in Paris, Mila Kunis' tearful arguments with James Franco pleading for a chance to visit her son, Adrien Brody in conversation with a woman, and Neeson as a writer who seems to think he has trouble connecting with his emotions.

Given Neeson's position in all of this, though — and that shot of him writing down a line as James Franco's character says it — it seems like there will be a mysterious connection between what's on the page, and what happens in real life.

We'll have to wait to see how these interconnected stories unfold, and if this movie will frustrate critics as much as Crash did all those years ago.

Image: Sony Pictures Classics