'Game of Thrones' Jack Gleeson Photobombs Joffrey's Death & You Need to See It — PHOTO

Have you seen this gem of an Instagram pic yet? Well, here's Jack Gleeson standing next to that shot of Joffrey in a Game of Thrones screening as he defines what a Purple Wedding is. You know, it's when you get all chokey and purple-faced. Classic Joff. The photo is fantastic, and is an excellent example of an all-star photo bomb. But what is Gleeson thinking?

Just like in the famous The New Yorker caption contests where there's a cartoon and you have the opportunity to come up with the caption, I'm taking this photo and telling you all of the possible captions. Or at least, all the captions that I think fit the bill, as naturally, the viable (or hilariously, implausible) options for this are bountiful.

  • Ten points for the make up department!
  • What a dick.
  • Oh... that guy.
  • Look ma, no hands! (Points to Jaime.)
  • This guy's buying shots for all of you! Whoops, never mind.
  • I see dead people.
  • Pretty good, eh? How about one of them Emmys?
  • So that's what an incest baby looks like!
  • He's gonna tell you what happens at the end of the books...
  • He's got great nostrils.
  • Like The Hound said, lots of c*nts name their swords...
  • That guy needs to get laid.
  • Anybody like miming stuff? Let's do THIS.
  • I can do this better than that guy.
  • This one time, in Westeros...
  • #DeathScene!
  • He couldn't take a selfie, so...
  • Anybody seen any good movies lately? Not that what's going on is important or anything.
  • Now, there's a guy who knows something. That Jon Snow guy? Now he knows nothing.

And my personal favorite:

  • This is what you get if you spoil Breaking Bad for someone.

Ba dum. Thanks for playing, along everybody.

Image: Instagram