Lea Michele is a Feminist: Why We're Glad She's Finally Using Her 'Glee' Power For Good


Her Glee character is sort of the worst. Pushy, narcissistic, and the essence of annoying, she is the leading lady we love to hate. This isn't to say Glee's Rachel Berry doesn't have redeeming qualities: She does love her friends (although sometimes it doesn't feel like it), she never gives up, and she's a successful female in the hard-to-break-into field of Broadway actor. And while Lea Michele hasn't spoken much about the power of strong leading ladies, it seems her partnership with L'Oreal has prompted her to do so. Lea Michele is a feminist, at least according to this interview she did for Huffington Post's "Making it Work" series. The 27-year-old actress said:

Lea Michele and her Glee character have often be referenced as one in the same. On the show, we saw Michele's character go through a transformation when she reached college: Shedding her small town sensibilities for the sex appeal of New York City. But the inclusiveness of her character did not mature, as she vilified her roommate/BFF for landing the part as her understudy on Broadway. The actress is notoriously hot and cold with fans, but perhaps her "girl power" attitude is maturing with age. In her debut album, Lea Michele sings about her heartbreak from the tragic loss of her co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith, allowing herself to be vulnerable on a level we have yet to see with her acting. In the interview she talks about the importance of being oneself, as Michele is growing into her female empowering shoes.

We can't mask how pleased we are that the Glee actress is finally using her celebrity prowess for the benefit of other women. Even though the L'Oreal partership certainly helped aid in her answers, any recognition for the importance of female empowerment is appreciated. Keep it up, Lea! We're rooting for you!