Happy National Poetry Month! Here's a Definitive Ranking of the Best Poetry Movies

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It's time to rhyme your couplets, crack open the Plath, and start referring to yourself by your first two initials, because it's National Poetry Month. In case the myriad of nationally-themed months has left you flustered, here's your reminder that Poetry Month has been around since 1996, and it's not going away anytime soon. There are plenty of ways to celebrate, including attending poetry readings, signing up for poem-a-day emails, and writing some verse yourself. Powell's Bookstore even has an online poetry bracket a la March Madness, where all-female poets are duking it out for the title of Best Poet of All Time.

But if you're more interested in watching poetry butchered on a medium-to-large-sized screen, you can always watch one of the hundreds of movies based on poems, poets, or poetry education. Some are horrendously inaccurate, more than a few are racist, and some are delightful, but all of these poetry movies will get you in the creative spirit to finish Poetry Month right.

Image: Touchstone Pictures

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