People In Tennessee Think Miley Cyrus Is Possessed by the Devil, Like For Real

If you heard that the residents of Miley Cyrus' small, conservative Tennessee hometown were interviewed about Cyrus' current lifestyle and actions, what would you think they would say? That they're proud of their hometown gal or that they're disgusted by her and think she may be possessed by the devil? If you went with the latter you are absolutely right, so it should come as no surprise that this actually happened and when residents of Miley Cyrus' hometown were interviewed, they made it clear that they do not approve of her. At all.

I don't know what the Daily Mail expected when they decided to speak with Franklin, Tenn. residents about Cyrus, but if they were looking for members of the religious right to openly express their disapproval, they struck gold with their interview. A member of Franklin's evangelical People's Church said, "She's not following a life that is being directed by God, she is not seeking God in her life. The bible tells us that it is very clear the devil is here to seek and destroy." Another member added, "We have her in our prayer list at the moment."

Cyrus' pre-school teacher got in on the action too and sounded like a card carrying hippie in comparison to the other interview subjects saying, "You just don’t know how people handle things. I’m concerned and hope that she doesn’t wander off the beaten path but I think she will find her way eventually, she’s just experimenting with some things."

One of Cyrus' childhood friends stood by Cyrus' decisions saying, "I think she’s brave for doing it. She went for it and it’s working for her. She’s so big now and I feel proud of her... I just hope the people that did know her know she has a good head on her shoulders and she’s fine, she’s having fun and she’s just getting her face out there."

These opinions are what anyone would expect. Of course older residents of a conservative, Christian town aren't going to like what Cyrus is doing and of course her old friend is going to support her.

One thing that this interview does bring to light is the question of who the heck is attending Cyrus' concerts. Many parents would likely think the show is too raunchy and not want their tweens and teens to attend. The tickets are too expensive for older people to attend "ironically." (I would go if it was ten bucks, but well over $100? Hell to the no.) And it sounds like middle America isn't on board with her. So how are these things selling out? Who's paying for the tickets? What kind of people are in this mysterious group who love Cyrus' music and approves of her 100 percent.

We can predict that a small town won't like Cyrus, but what's truly puzzling is trying to figure out the people who really, really do.