Hair Braiding Styles that Switch Up the Classic French

This story originally appeared on Lifestyle Mirror.

No longer relegated to playground folly, the French braid has become a staple in our hairstyle arsenal. The simple technique of folding, adding a section of hair and folding again has become second nature, shaving precious minutes off our morning routine. If the runway and red carpet have shown us anything the past few seasons, it's that the classic French can be slightly tweaked to create a whole new look. To get you started, try these hair braiding styles.

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Texture is Your Friend

Vary thickness to add interest.

Twist Into a Bun

A bun adds a dose of elegance to the romantic headband braid.

Keep it Loose

A slightly disheveled texture keep the original French braid from looking too school girl.

Change the Part

An extra braid adds an unexpected twist.

Updo in a Snap

Create a hairstyle that seems more complicated than it actually is.

Add an Accessory

Ribbons were made to be put into braids.

Parting Differences

Go against your usual grain to naturally add a bit of height.

Go Dutch

Instead of folding the sections over one another, fold them under. The braid looks almost 3D, sitting on top of the head instead of blending into the hair.

Try a Trend

Waterfall braids are an easy way to switch it up.

Fake It

Sectioning long hair adds an interesting touch.