Jay Z's Decision To Expand Made In America Festival Is What Makes Him Great

Jay Z put on his "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" suit on Wednesday to make an exciting announcement for Los Angeles music fans. Jay Z's Made in America festival is going to LA this year. Jay Z revealed plans for the two-day festival in a press conference along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Made in America will be held in downtown LA near City Hall which is exciting news for anyone in the city who would like to attend a big music festival like Coachella or Bonnaroo, but can't because of expenses or distance.

The Made in America festival began in Philadelphia in 2012 and will continue for its third year this summer in a centrally located park. Jay Z said of the decision to bringing this idea to LA, "Putting together a music festival that blurred those lines of genres and all walks of life and all people can come, and it's in this city, it's not some far-off place that you can't get to." He continued, "Look how beautiful this park is. It's accessible to everyone."

But some people would prefer the festival be further away from the city. Residents of downtown LA are concerned about the festival taking place in the middle of their neighborhood and protested during the conference with signs citing noise pollution and drunk concert goers as issues. County Supervisor Gloria Molina addressed these concerns saying, "I'm sure every single LA resident is going to deal with a little bit of intrusion from time to time, because at the end of the day, LA is going to have [a] tremendous benefit." She added, "Los Angeles has 99 problems, but Jay Z and Made in America ain't one." 'Cause nothing calms down protesters like a snappy song reference.

The lineup for the Made in America festival has not yet been announced, but it will take place Aug. 30 and 31, the same weekend as the Philadelphia festival. Tickets will cost $125 which, while still a significant amount of money, is much less than the price of most major music festivals. For example, a general admission ticket to Coachella is $375.

If the city is able to follow in Philadelphia's footsteps and pull this off without too many problems for other residents, it will make for a great opportunity for music lovers who can't afford to stray too far from home.