'Avengers' Tom Hiddleston Sings 'Jungle Book's 'Bare Necessities' & It Will Melt Your Heart

In case you're anxious for your next Tom Hiddleston fix, especially given that Loki won't be appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron , fear not: Today, a new video of the actor appeared on his official YouTube account — though to be honest, those longing for his brilliantly villainous demeanor may have to turn elsewhere, because this time the actor is embodying a far cheerier role. Specifically, the video shows Hiddleston performing a rendition of "The Bare Necessities" from Disney's The Jungle Book, complete with a jazzy backing band and a tux to boot. Apparently, the positively Sinatra-esque performance took place last November at a charity gala for Friendship Works, a Big Brother / Big Sister-style UK-based mentor organization — perfectly befitting a song in which Baloo the bear teaches Mowgli how best to get by in the jungle.

There are plenty of things to love in this video (aside from, y'know, the sheer glorious fact of it): How he knows every last word without pause, the way he sinks in teeth into lines like "You gotta loooove how they tickle," or when the song slows to a saunter and he tells you to "Relax... Good..." and every part of your heart can't but instantly implode.

Still, by far the best part comes around 3:00 in, when he apologizes ever-so-politely for coming in a little too early on the final chorus, then proceeds to do a box-step jig to make up for it. Really, the only thing about this that isn't perfect is the cameraperson's less-than-steady hand, if only because it prevents me from keeping my eyes locked, unhindered, on Hiddleston and his adorable goofiness.

See for yourself, below — and do your best not to faint with glee:

Tom Hiddleston UK on YouTube